Sunday, November 3, 2019

Summer Lovin'

This summer brought some new fun things to the ministry. Marywood is looking good with all the updates. We are working around their schedule and prepping for the price hike. Convention was in Mobile in July. The couples who went had an amazing time and said the speakers were awesome.
Marywood is looking great! (Pics from the June weekend)
We are offering less weekends each year, but it looks good to have many couples at each weekend. 
June weekend in the pod, but look at that cute baby!
The pool party in July out partied the summer rain. I hear there was a good turn out for that. There was an August meeting. Here are the minutes from the meeting. I'm going to create a tab to start putting minutes for easy access. So keep an eye out for that. There was a fun, social out at the beach with the Mad Cowford Improv group. Super cool! I hope we do more socials like that!
August weekend

Improv Night Out

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Spring Things

Thank you, Camille for taking these awesome notes from the April gathering!
The following were able to join us for our monthly get together: Ron & Patty Pendleton, Mike & Linda Ventura, Matt & Brianne Graves, Alex & Gwen Willis, Julie Delgadillo (we missed you Jose), Todd & Noelle Pickin, Gordon & Bella Hale, Evan & Auria Greenfield, Bryan & Kathleen Cook, Jamie & Dawn Oehmann and Denver & Camille Anderson
After a welcoming prayer & a delicious dinner we thanked the Oehmann’s & the Anderson’s for their previous 2 years of community co-leadership. Our ministry truly flourished under their leadership.
We began our meeting with an enrichment presented by Chad & Raquel Tripp who are Marriage Enrichment Ministers with Adventures in Marriage. They are involved throughout the diocese with numerous” Invest in your Marriage” events. They encouraged us to remember to show daily appreciation for all that our spouse does for us and to encourage the positive that we see one another do instead of the negative. Kicking off our weekend with an “appreciation toss” was a step in the right direction! The “toss” involved tossing a beach ball to each other and expressing an appreciation before tossing it back.
Upon the completion of the enrichment we received a weekend report from the Oehmann’s & Ventura’s regarding the April weekend. 10 couples attended a wonderful weekend. Construction at Marywood continues to take place and we can see the progression that takes place each month. The team received a tour of the new bldg. and we anticipate that we will be using it for our June CEE weekend. One couple donated a double scholarship.
Mobile Convention – July 19th – July 21st. Please let Ron & Patty know if you are interested in attending. Our community is encouraging as many to attend as possible. So far more than 40 couples district wide have registered. If you have registered & have not been reimbursed for your registration, please send the info to Mike Ventura for reimbursement.
Upcoming Events – Our Summer Pool Party will be either July 14th or July 28th – Kathleen Cook to confirm a date with Eagle Harbor Fleming Island We will advise as soon as the date is firm.
Our upcoming meetings have been scheduled for June 14; August 9 & October 11 – all will be at Holy Family. Huge thank you to Dawn for coordinating our meeting venue!
CEE hosted a table at the Eucharistic Congress. Thank you & shout out to Steve Perez for obtaining the space. Thanks to Denver Anderson for making a trip to the storage unit, picking up material for our table, and for setting our table up. Thanks to Todd & Noelle Pickin for staffing the table throughout the weekend for the community. We had several visitors and two couples express an interest in EE – one was formerly involved in Marriage Encounter.
Ron & Patty recently had a meeting with the Bishop & Family Life Office that went very well. The Bishop was most supportive of our ministry and recommended a priest that he believes would be interested in starting to work with CEE! During our discussion we shared our excitement of being at the “new” Marywood, but expressed our potential concern regarding new rates. The Bishop indicated that he had not thought about the effect of price increases on diocesan ministries.
Fr. Tim Lozier is returning to Jax – he will be the pastor of Mary Queen of Heaven in Argyle Forest.
Ron and Patty had a separate meeting with the FLO . We discussed the flow of funds from the registration to the check being issued to EE. This was shared with Mike and Linda. We then discussed the two programs and how we can complement, not compete, with each other. This was an area the Bishop emphasized. We learned that about 300 couples attended Pre Cana last year. We had slightly over 100. We were assured that if a couple asks which is the better program the FLO shares that EE is a retreat so naturally it will be more comprehensive. Our relationship with FLO is on firm footing – thanks to the leadership of Jamie and Dawn and Denver and Camille.
Ron and Patty will be meeting with Marywood regarding the proposed rate increases for 2020 and 2021. If we don’t receive a reduction in the proposal it will mean we will be paying about $60 more per couple. The meeting had been planned for April but Marywood was extremely busy making sure the new rooms would be completed for a scheduled event. We will meet in early May. Offer prayers for a successful meeting please.
Ron will soon begin contacting individual couples regarding JOY jobs. This is your opportunity together to say yes! If there is something you would like to do – let them know.
Some of our joy-jobs have already been spoken for. Bella and Gordon will coordinate birthday & ordination cards for our priests. Evan and Auria will coordinate our Facebook page activities. Denver and Camille will contact seminarians in our diocese to offer them the opportunity to participate in EE. And Camille is responsible for these minutes – her new job? Todd and Noelle volunteered to make sure each weekend had a BTS couple. Anyone want to take on coordinating the sign up of presenters and Registration couples? Mike and Linda are continuing as treasurers. Julie and Jose are coordinating our community enrichments. Ron and Patty will continue to coordinate Prayer letters.
Areas needing coordinators include: Supplies – weekend setup – social event planners – outreach – Child care. And – the area not mentioned above that is calling your name!
Things to think about. What can we do to improve our ministry and our service to the Diocese? All things are open. Priest awareness of EE; Priest recruitment; Couple recruitment; grant writing; use of social media – you get the idea. The initiative may even get a catchy name – like EE 2020! Be thinking!
The meeting ended with prayer of thanks for EE, Marriage and especially for our outgoing leaders (but if you were at the meeting you would have noticed that they were busier than usual making sure Patty and I had an easy reintroduction to leadership.) In fact this whole community is a wonderful example of putting others before ourselves. What a blessing!

Friday, March 22, 2019

2019 Update

You guys! I'm back to blogging! After an amazing enrichment and discernment earlier this month, we have some new local coordinators! Congratulations Ron & Patty Pendleton!
New LC's Patty & Ron
Our awesome community praying over the new coordinators.
Great photo by Steve Perez!
We'd like to give a HUGE shout out to the Oehmanns and Andersons for a fabulous two years of service to CEE as coordinators. They are two inspirational couples who do so much for this ministry. Thank you guys for all your hard work! Let's keep the party going! Take a look at the calendar on the right for upcoming events. Check out the links at the top for weekend schedules and other info.

I'm not going to go back and update from the last 2 years (check out our Facebook page for a lot of it). I'd like to highlight a few things, though. The Delgadillos welcomed baby Luca to their family. Awesome birth story- what a cool couple! Linda is kicking cancer like a champion. We're so proud of her fight! Marilyn lost her mother at the impressive age of 91. Please keep the Gibson family in your prayers. Here are some fun pictures from the last few months.
We had 19 couples at the February weekend! Marywood is looking awesome with all the upgrades!

The Perezes hosted the Christmas party. Awesome turn out with lots of laughs!
You have to smile when you see this picture! Fr. Donal cracks me up along with Ron's photo bombs!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Doublemint Discernment

We had an awesome Discernment today! Rick & Patty Ruppert flew in from Baltimore to run it for us. They did such a great job. We made breakfast casseroles and brought the Keurig. The babysitter bailed last minute, but we managed with a great team! After lots of talking, laughing and praying- The Andersons and Oehmanns are our co-coordinators!
Drinking coffee and listening to the amazing Rupperts

Doublemint twins taking over! Top pic: the Andersons & Oehmanns. Middle pic: us, the outgoing Bravos with the new team. Bottom pic: the doublemint co-coordinators with the Rupperts
Also, we'd like to send thoughts and prayers to the Perez family on the loss of Steve's mom, Maria. We're here for you guys!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spread the Love

We were super bummed to have to cancel the February weekend. We only had 2 couples signed up to go. Marywood was awesome and allowed us to move our deposit to March, where our numbers are much better. It seems like a trend that the number of Catholic marriages is declining. That's very sad. We need to work on encouraging our friends and couples we meet to go on a weekend! We had an awesome meeting tonight. It was our last monthly enrichment & gathering as LCs. We spiced it up by having some live music. John Piantidosi played the guitar and sang some love songs. We had a pasta bar (think Lady and the Tramp romance). It was a great turn out! A few couples we hadn't seen in a while! We covered a bunch of business and even did an Objectives and Goals list to prep for Discernment next month. We're looking forward to seeing you all on March 11th at Sacred Heart!
How cute are these two dancing to their wedding song!?

Prepping for Discernment

The kids loved the music, too!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A New Year for Marriage Prep

In the first month of 2017, Pope Francis spoke to the Roman Rota and discussed the importance of the family and the need for a “new catechumenate” for marriage preparation.  Here is the unofficial translation of the text. And we are rockin' right along with just that. We had to have our enrichment before the weekend this month, which is always a bummer. We are starting out small for some reason. Our gathering was small- and we were booted to the cafeteria. Fried chicken always helps with that, though. It was a gorgeous night for glow sticks on the playground for the kids. We had a new St. Matthews couple join us as well. We started the Discernment process by coming up with a list of strengths and weaknesses for our ministry. Make sure Discernment is on your calendar! March 11th at Sacred Heart!
Ron took notes from the enrichment so he and Patty could do it together later (how sweet). Don't mind the fried chicken grease all over his plate- or the huge slice of Denver's Birthday cake!
Check out all those strengths!
The January weekend was also really small with 6 couples. It was still a wonderful and intimate weekend. It was the Hoggatts first time as BTS and they are on fire! Yay! Also yay for Fr. Ed being able to speak Spanish! Great work, team!
Fr. Ed, the Pendletons, Hoggatts and Flahertys: January Dream Team!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Cheer!

We had the CEE Christmas party this weekend! We missed those of you who missed it, but man, we had a great time! Awesome turn out, great BBQ, tasty drinks and a fabulous fire. Lots of great belly laughs, just what we need during this stressful time! The gift exchange was so much fun! We hope the energy and cheer continues into the new year for our ministry. Merry Christmas!
Lots of stealing in the White Elephant gift exchange!
So much fun with these folks!