Sunday, November 20, 2022

Powering Through

We were fortunate to still have in person weekends through the pandemic. We changed the format of the weekend to shorten the time together. We are blessed to have the beautiful grounds of Marywood to space out and enjoy. Our ministry has come together to make it all happen. The weekends are smaller, but couples are still wanting to come. The Perez' hosted our Christmas party again with ugly sweaters.


We have all been impacted by COVID and learned to live differently. Working to be smart and safe while still supporting couples wanting a sacramental marriage. We've all learned to zoom, mask up and spread out.


Warming Up With Love

We had a few chilly weekends enjoying the gorgeous views at Marywood. Our ministry is going strong with 6 weekends a year and a great group of couples and priests sharing their couple love with engaged couples. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Summer Lovin'

This summer brought some new fun things to the ministry. Marywood is looking good with all the updates. We are working around their schedule and prepping for the price hike. Convention was in Mobile in July. The couples who went had an amazing time and said the speakers were awesome.
Marywood is looking great! (Pics from the June weekend)
We are offering less weekends each year, but it looks good to have many couples at each weekend. 
June weekend in the pod, but look at that cute baby!
The pool party in July out partied the summer rain. I hear there was a good turn out for that. There was an August meeting. Here are the minutes from the meeting. I'm going to create a tab to start putting minutes for easy access. So keep an eye out for that. There was a fun, social out at the beach with the Mad Cowford Improv group. Super cool! I hope we do more socials like that!
August weekend

Improv Night Out

Friday, March 22, 2019

2019 Update

You guys! I'm back to blogging! After an amazing enrichment and discernment earlier this month, we have some new local coordinators! Congratulations Ron & Patty Pendleton!
New LC's Patty & Ron
Our awesome community praying over the new coordinators.
Great photo by Steve Perez!
We'd like to give a HUGE shout out to the Oehmanns and Andersons for a fabulous two years of service to CEE as coordinators. They are two inspirational couples who do so much for this ministry. Thank you guys for all your hard work! Let's keep the party going! Take a look at the calendar on the right for upcoming events. Check out the links at the top for weekend schedules and other info.

I'm not going to go back and update from the last 2 years (check out our Facebook page for a lot of it). I'd like to highlight a few things, though. The Delgadillos welcomed baby Luca to their family. Awesome birth story- what a cool couple! Linda is kicking cancer like a champion. We're so proud of her fight! Marilyn lost her mother at the impressive age of 91. Please keep the Gibson family in your prayers. Here are some fun pictures from the last few months.
We had 19 couples at the February weekend! Marywood is looking awesome with all the upgrades!

The Perezes hosted the Christmas party. Awesome turn out with lots of laughs!
You have to smile when you see this picture! Fr. Donal cracks me up along with Ron's photo bombs!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Doublemint Discernment

We had an awesome Discernment today! Rick & Patty Ruppert flew in from Baltimore to run it for us. They did such a great job. We made breakfast casseroles and brought the Keurig. The babysitter bailed last minute, but we managed with a great team! After lots of talking, laughing and praying- The Andersons and Oehmanns are our co-coordinators!
Drinking coffee and listening to the amazing Rupperts

Doublemint twins taking over! Top pic: the Andersons & Oehmanns. Middle pic: us, the outgoing Bravos with the new team. Bottom pic: the doublemint co-coordinators with the Rupperts
Also, we'd like to send thoughts and prayers to the Perez family on the loss of Steve's mom, Maria. We're here for you guys!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spread the Love

We were super bummed to have to cancel the February weekend. We only had 2 couples signed up to go. Marywood was awesome and allowed us to move our deposit to March, where our numbers are much better. It seems like a trend that the number of Catholic marriages is declining. That's very sad. We need to work on encouraging our friends and couples we meet to go on a weekend! We had an awesome meeting tonight. It was our last monthly enrichment & gathering as LCs. We spiced it up by having some live music. John Piantidosi played the guitar and sang some love songs. We had a pasta bar (think Lady and the Tramp romance). It was a great turn out! A few couples we hadn't seen in a while! We covered a bunch of business and even did an Objectives and Goals list to prep for Discernment next month. We're looking forward to seeing you all on March 11th at Sacred Heart!
How cute are these two dancing to their wedding song!?

Prepping for Discernment

The kids loved the music, too!